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Listing Yourself as NRSA on a Deadhead
Last Updated 7 years ago

NRSA = Non-Revenue Space Available
NRSP = Non-Revenue Space Positive

Per Section 7.E.2. of the CBA, seats for deadhead Flight Attendants shall be reserved on a positive space, must-ride basis. Therefore, the company must list deadhead Flight Attendants as NRSP.

Flight Attendants should not list themselves online or have a gate agent list them as NRSA for deadheading purposes. NRSA is reserved for non-business, leisure travel only.

Using NRSA for company business is a violation of the CBA and our non-revenue privileges. Violating and abusing these privileges, especially on other airlines, could lead to temporary or indefinite loss of your non-revenue privileges. The only exception is when using it for alternate deadhead purposes.

Flight Attendants who are not listed for their deadhead shall contact Crew Scheduling immediately to have themselves listed as NRSP. Flight Attendants should not board a deadhead flight on an NRSA ticket.

Additionally, a deadhead locator number for pre-planned deadheads should be made electronically available on FLiCA at least three (3) full calendar days prior, and up to the departure time of the deadhead flight. If you are not listed for a deadhead flight when you get to the gate or were not provided an electronically available deadhead locator for a pre-planned deadhead, please file a ticket on our Support Center at

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