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Additional Bid Options
Last Updated 6 years ago

As of the time this was written, the company does not Ready Reserve exempt or award Relief Lines to Flight Attendants who forget to bid or short bid.

Short bid means you did not bid enough lines. (e.g. you bid 5 lines, but they were all awarded to more senior Flight Attendants)

If you forget to bid or short bid, you are considered a "misbid". If you misbid, your Additional Bid Options will not be considered. This means if you are awarded a reserve line, you will not be Ready Reserve exempt and will not be considered for a Relief Line.

The best way to avoid a short bid is to use the "RES" and/or "ANY" option on your bid sheet.

ANY will award you the lowest numerical line available after everyone else more senior than you has their bid processed. For example, if you do not get any of the lines you bid for, and lines 001, 002, and 003 all have full slots, while line 004 has an open slot, you will be assigned line 004.

RES does a similar function as ANY. Except, instead of receiving the lowest numerical line, you will receive the lowest numerical reserve line available.

If you use these options, you will make sure you do not short bid, and just as important, your Additional Bid Options are taken into consideration.

Our suggestion is, bid all the lines you want. Then, add ANY, and then RES below that, to the bottom of your bid sheet.

Happy bidding!

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