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What does "Not Available" in Opentime Pot mean?
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What does it mean when you receive this message as a denial reason for your DOT reques

FLiCA was designed to process all DOT requests automatically. It only stops and asks for clarification if it gets confused by a complicated request. Initially when FLiCA was implemented at Spirit, to make sure all settings worked properly the processing was done manually. For many reasons, this method remained unchanged and to this day most requests are still processed under the supervision of a Crew Scheduler.

If the DOT process in FLiCA is interrupted or paused for some reason (e.g. Scheduler gets busy with a call), and then restarted later where it was left off, the system is not built to keep a memory of what it has done with a given trip in the previous session (approved or denied) before the interruption. So when it tries to process a trip that is not available anymore because it was awarded to a senior FA in the earlier session, it will deny the request with the reason "Not Available in Opentime Pot".

Roughly 1% of the time this denial code can mean something else, like the trip was removed from DOT before it closed for the day, trip was canceled before DOT processing, etc.

It is always a good idea to note who was on the trip before you submitted your request. This way if you get this denial code you can always check either via Flica or Crew Trac who has been added to the trip.

With the implementation of the new CBA, the company is now allowed to pull trips from the Opentime Pot as early as 2000 LT, two (2) days prior to the trip's start date and assign them to a Flight Attendant in Time Recoverable (TAJ) status.

Since the pairing is then removed after you submitted the request, but before DOT is processed, FLiCA does not know what denial reason to give. For this reason, it will give a "Not Available" denial reason.

If you have doubts about the denial reason given, feel free to file a ticket for the given request, and a Scheduling Representative will be able to track what happened to the pairing, and whether the CBA was followed.

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