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Reserve Notification Period
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Reserve notification periods are as follows:
Reserve A: 0001 LT - 1000 LT
Reserve B: 0701 LT - 1700 LT
Reserve C: 1401 LT - 2400 LT

Per Section 9.B.3.c. of the CBA, Crew Scheduling may change your Reserve Notification period unlimited amount of times due to rest.

Crew Scheduling may not amend or modify your Reserve notification period to be anything other than the block of 9:59 hours outlined above. (i.e., you cannot be Reserve A from 0301 LT - 1000 LT) If you are not legal to be available during the full length of a Reserve notification period, you must be change to different Reserve notification period or be released from Reserve for that day.

A Flight Attendant returns from an assignment at 2231 LT on Monday. She is scheduled to be Reserve B on Tuesday. Her rest in base is only 8:30 hours. Crew Scheduling must change her Tuesday notification period to Reserve C. Crew Scheduling may not modify her Reserve B to 0831 LT - 1700 LT in order to make her rest legal.

However, per Section 9.C.5.f., they may change it for operational needs no more than two (2) times per bid period. If it is changed for operational needs, it may not be done to the first day in a block of reserve days. If the change is done, it must be for the second or following days, and must be done no earlier than a day prior to the day to be changed. If nothing is assigned on the first day changed, the flight attendant must be reverted back to their original reserve notification period.

A Flight Attendant is on Reserve B from Monday through Friday. Crew Scheduling runs out of Reserve Cs for Tuesday. Crew Scheduling calls the Flight Attendant on Monday to be Reserve C from Tuesday through Friday. The Flight Attendant is not assigned a trip on Tuesday, therefore the Flight Attendant returns to Reserve B for Wednesday through Friday.

In this scenario, this Flight Attendant would not have 10 hours of rest between Tuesday's C and Wednesday's B reserve notification periods, therefore the Flight Attendant must be released for Wednesday and resume Reserve B Thursday and Friday.

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